About us

Residential and commercial property maintenance

HouseHold provides residential and commercial property maintenance, focused on high quality service for clients` individual needs – maintenance and repair of technical systems, installation of household appliances, plumbing works, renovation and finishing works. Our specialists are qualified within respective area of expertise, maintaining functionality of residential and commercial premises, by offering all technical servicing. We bring the service to new level.

Our approach: with a very moment our specialists enter your home or office, we strive to provide the service with respect to your property and environment. We learn about your problem, find its cause and implement the solution. We respect  your furniture, interior or appliances doing the reparation works. We always wear white gloves not to leave dirty fingerprints on your wall. Clean up is done upon completion of works, and the only reminder of our presence is the rendered service.

  • Interior finishing
  • Heating works
  • Furniture assembly
  • Repair works
  • Arborist
  • Window repair
  • Facade works
  • General cleaning
  • Electricity installation
  • Ventilation
  • Plumbing works
  • Maintenance
  • Industrial climber
  • Demolition works
  • Construction and repair works

We help managing daily issues related to your property and provide solutions in case of technical emergency.

Construction and interior project management

We provide: Complete turn – key space planning and interior projects for all premise build out or renovation works, including final finishing, technical solutions and engineering networks, furniture production and installation, design and accessories in diverse premises, including residential and commercial space.

Additional: We have provided solutions and works for outdoor space and territory landscaping, exterior redesign and mechanical re-structure works.

Total project management: We keep your project on track and on budget. Delivering your project on time, estimate and to the highest quality in efficient manner and with minimal disruptions from the plan.

Attention to detail is everything. Through regular site meetings, proper co-ordination of product orders, managing tradespeople and effective troubleshooting of any issues that may arise during your interior design project, we ensure result.