• General

High class finishing works, putting it all into operation. Construction, refurbishment and repair works. Demolition works. Interior renovation. Facade works. Terrace flooring. Paving works.

  • Finishing

Decorative painting. Tiling. Ceiling decoration. Wallpapers. Mirror and glass cutting. All types of floor construction, plank floors. Metal works.

  • Window repair

Window adjustment – preventive repair, furniture maintenance. Replacing faulty mechanisms. Seal replacement.

  • Management

Housekeeping work: mowing, snow removal, site cleaning. Landscaping, greenery, territory improvement. Irrigation system. Daily management: 101 details.

  • Industrial climber

Working at height and difficult to reach places, without a crane. Roof inspection, snow or moss cleaning, drainage pipe repair. Tower and chimney painting. Advertisement banners assembly. Lighting installation. Wiring. Facade repairs. Window washing. Pollarding.

  • Plumbing

Plumbing services. Plumbing installation, repair, change.
Water supply. Water filter installation. Sewage cleaning.
All types of home technology installation, connection and maintenance: steam cabins, shower enclosures, jacuzzi. Mixers for sinks, shower faucets, thermostats. Water heaters.

  • Electricity

Electrician services. Electric wiring, sockets, switches, lights. Electric towel warmers. Electric windows.

  • Heating

Heating service, heating systems. Boilers. Radiator repair, radiator replacement. Termoaudit. Heated floors, towel warmers.

  • Ventilation

Any type of ventilation system. Fan Coil – installation and service. Air-conditioner installation and maintenance.

  • Furniture

All kinds of built-in furniture custom and individual design. Kitchen equipment and all types of surfaces. Furniture assembly. TV, mirrors, shelves, paintings and accessory installment.

  • General cleaning

Window, glass case, glass dissepiment washing. Linoleum floor, laminate floor and lacquered parquet washing, waxing, polishing. Tile and their seam washing. Carpet dry cleaning. Concrete floor cleaning, including stain removal. Upholstered furniture dry cleaning.